Rhonda Kieson Designs   
This is my design approach:  "A room should be like a good friend.          
                                                        It should be compelling enough to draw you in,
                                                                    strong enough to lend you strength,
                                                                                warm enough to comfort you,
                                                                                            and familiar enough to embrace your soul."
                                                                                                                             - Rhonda Kieson

What a better place is there to spend some quiet time than this beautiful cottage? 

Welcome to my website. 

It's all about comfort and functionality.  I design rooms to be lived in and loved.  The pictures in the galleries are images of some of the rooms I've designed.  And they are lived in!

I do write a blog that features recipes, short stories, and various subjects that you may find interesting and amusing. 


There is something ethereal about presenting the "conventional" in an unconventional way.  Take this iced coffee, for example.  Any glass will do, but this frosted Pilsner glass adds a special touch to an afternoon break.
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